my Family for encouraging my “quest for inspiration”

N. Gábor for so much help with IT related things (really, SO much)

N. András for his advice

Cs. Gábor for his advice and guidebooks and movies

E. Kristóf for so many movies and the ham 🙂

M. Jani for your advice and your help

T. Gábor for I forget what…. but I’m sure there was something….

M. Áron for his advice and patience

K. Csilla my towel and so many other things

K. Krisztián for his help

M. Dunja for her marketing advice

S. Mihály for his medical advice

T. Árpi for his patience and advice

Csutka taking care of my plants while I’m away

F. Gábor and R. Balázs for all your Krav Maga training and tips

T. Zsuzsi and V. Szandra for being helpful

K. István for your advice and experience

K. Teri for her advice

H. Péter for his advice

Zsófi and Mariann for all the physiotherapy

100i for your adivce

B. Péter for ever so many lifts by car

V. Annamari for helping with my website

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