Just swam with a manta ray in BoraBora – Egy manta-rájával úsztam BoraBorán épp most /PYF/

We’ve finally been given our clearance from the Gendarmerie. So off we go to Rarotonga. Alas we leave Dan’s stolen laptop behind. It feels a bit like the French police are here to have a holiday. Anyway…. I swam with this amazing manta ray this morning. It was my first time ever!! Such an experience!

Megkaptuk vegre a papirokat a rensorsegrol a tavozashoz. Laptop nelkul sajnos. Ide ugy latom nyaralni jarnak a francia rendorok. Mindegy. A lenyeg, hogy ma USZTAM MANTA-RAJAVAL!! Eletemben eloszor. Hihetetlen volt!!

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