Tuna and sail – Tonhal es vitorlazas /PYF/

Hey guys. So we have already left Huahini, which was beautiful but I didn’t take many photos. Like my facebook page for the few I took. I’m afraid until I get my laptop back pics/vids will be a bit all over the place. I am borrowing Dan’s laptop and using my phone and the combination of the two doesn’t allow for a cohesive post. We arrived to Bora Bora yesterday, which is exciting. Check out my two videos below. I hope you enjoy them! 🙂

Sziasztok! Tegnap megerkeztunk Bora Borara. Eleg erdekes itt lenni. Huahinit megjartuk a heten. Kepeket a facebook oldalra toltottem fol. Remelem megtalaljatok. Sajnos amig nem kapom vissza a laptopomat, egy kicsit osszevissza vannak lesznek a videok es kepek. Remelem tetszeni fog a ket alabbi video!

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