The dark side of Paradise – A Paradicsom arnyoldala /PYF/

About a week ago we got robbed – that is, the boat did. What’s more it happened in a very weird way. We were docked in Uturoa (the main town in Raiatea) just outside the petrol station. We all had gone to sleep in our respective cabins, and in the morning woke up to be shocked by what we found in the cockpit. Someone had had the cheek to come on board in the middle of the night, with a bottle of beer, take our guitar and start playing it in our cockpit (!), roll a cigarette using Dan’s tobacco, and then steal his laptop and duffle bag, along with my flipflops, and walk away! It was a very windy night and none of us heard a thing, which is weird, I know. So we reported it to the police the next day. I have since been walking around town looking at people’s feet hoping to see my flipflops smile at me. And guess what happened today? They walked straight past me!! So I stopped the guy and told him ‘Oi! Those are my shoes!’ His reaction was to kick them off and run. A security guard ran after him. Eventually we got him to the police station and we hope to get Dan’s laptop back before we leave for Huahine and Bora Bora in a couple of days.

Furcsa dolog tortent. Kirabolta valaki a hajot. Nem teljesen ki, inkabb kicsit meg. A lenyeg, hogy magaval vitte a papucsomat es Dan laptopjat. Ahogy tette viszont eleg erdekes volt. A hajo egy benzinkut elott van kikotve Raiatea legnagyobb varosaban, Uturoaban. Aznap ejjel epp erosen fujt a szel. Ez a valaki pedig folmaszott ejjel a hajonkra egy sorrel a kezeben, elovette Dan gitarjat es a fedelzeten nekiallt gitarozni! Majd Dan dohanyabol sodort maganak egy cigit, vegul Dan laptopjaval es az en papucsommal elsetalt! Stilusos, mi? Ebbol mi mit sem hallottunk. Mindenki a maga kabinjaban aludt, valoszinuleg melyen. Masnap reggel jelentettuk is a rendoresegen, es en azota figyelem az emberek labat, hatha egyszer szembejon velem a papucsom. Tortent eppen ma, hogy szembejott. Meghozza egy fiatal srac laban. Mondtam neki, hogy “He kocsog! Az az en cipom!” Mire o lerugta a labarol es mezitlab elszaladt. Egy biztonsagi or epp a kozelben volt es utana eredt. Vegul bevittuk a rendorsegre es most arra varunk, hogy visszakapjuk a laptopot mielott Huahinere es BoraBorara megyunk par nap mulva.

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