TransAtlantic /?/

I fly into La Palma later today. We set off on 8th (Thursday) and we should arrive in early February. Until we get to Martinique I will have no mobile reception, no internet and no more fresh water showers. You can track our progress aboard Calypso 1 as we cross the ocean on

Ma érkezem meg La Palmára, ahonnan csütörtökön indulunk neki az Atlantinak. Február elejére van kitűzve az érkezésünk. Martiniqueig se térerő, se internet, se áram, se édesvízi zuhany…..

One thought on “TransAtlantic /?/”

  1. Fantastic!!! I will be following you every day – gosh how unbelievably exciting 🙂

    hugs, your bro PS: Have a bunch of scientists here from New York studying the San Andreas! Here’s the press release for tomorrow…


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