Pure funny – Lefordíthatatlan /ESP/

So I’ve heard a lot about Trash (Vic’s friend who joined us yesterday). His name has been mentioned onboard often enough for me to refer to him as Trash quite naturally without thinking of the meaning of the actual word. We were expecting him to arrive some time in the afternoon. I had gone out on the bike to the ironmonger’s and when I got back there was a white van parked right outside our pontoon. I knew Trash was driving down with Bos’n (his truffle hunter dog) in his white van. So I slowed down alongside the 50ish guy unpacking his stuff, thinking I’d give Trash a hand in bringing his things onboard. And I said:


He looked at me perplexed. I thought to myself: maybe I wasn’t loud enough, so I clarified:

“Are you Trash?”

He seemed even more puzzled and said:

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Then I realised what had happened and elegantly talked myself out of the increasingly uncomfortable situation.

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